About Us

Because we believe in people, we make relationships and partnerships meanwhile we assist clients and realtors with investment property mortgage loans. 

Our philosophy is: it’s better when we are together. ​

Who are we

What we do

We are a Mortgage Broker Company concerned with the assistance you deserve. We build relationships and partnerships meanwhile assisting  our clients to be approved for a mortgage loan.

Our Vision:

Our vision consists in being recognized as an excellent Mortgage Broker Company, focused on customer experience, providing a unique service, a truly boutique-like mortgage service in the market.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to conduct clients to achieve their goal of acquiring an investment property with the correct strategy and knowledge, supporting them with agility, accurate key aspects and commitment.

Our history

Our professional experience as lawyers in Brazil has provided us with a broad view of the country’s legal system, but also a vision as a society.
Immigrants in the United States, were presented to the finance’s world. We then combine our commitment to integrity and seriousness to personalized service, customizing our processes and valuing the high level of assistance, providing an excellent experience for the customer and our partners.We are delighted to provide complete advice to our realtors (partners) as well as our clients.

Why choose Zark Mortgage?

We simplify the process and for that reason our clientes feel safe during the period they wait for the closing date.

As we want to keep being recognized as a differentiated company, we pride for our excellent assistance. You will always have a team member willing to assist you in order to provide and excellent customer experience. 

Not just we speak our client’s language, but we understand their culture, the politic-economic situation of their countries and for that reason we understand the big picture of our client’s circumstances.We know our clients values and understand their expectations.

We understand that realtors don’t need to lower their level of customer service when referring a partner. We provide step-by-step follow-ups to realtors and clients, so they can be more secure about the whole process. 

Once we take the time to understand our client’s needs, purpose and business we issue a conditional pre approval letter immediately, so client and realtor can start working together.   

Once conditions are satisfied, closing can take between 4 -6 weeks. This means that regularly it takes less time.

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